In 2017, after I wrote a 4th of July column about President Trump, I received a vile letter from a shopkeeper in North Hampton NH. In response to recent Racist rants by President Trump telling Americans that they should go back where they came from I’ve decided to publish it – and link it to my weekend column (07.20.2019). This is his letter, which I have edited only to remove his name and other identifying information:


Why do you think they put you on the last page of the sports section.

It’s your negative BS along with your liberal  friends who think you’re right…….. Why do you think Trump got elected?????   Cause of all the dudes like you.

There’s nothing wrong with the US NOW.  We have a man in the White House who respects the men and women who wear the uniform.

I am a Vietnam vet, and I can tell you there wasn’t a person in the Military, past or present who had any  respect for the Obama administration.

Here  is a man who spent 19 years  of his life,  growing up in Kenya, and you think he respects our values. Never had prayer in school….never said the pledge……missed Memorial Day parades, missed Veterans day ceremonies…..Really???

You want Hilary for President.    She’s crooked as a snake…… She brokered the deal in Canada for Billions that sent plutonium to Russia and got a kick back of 150. mil for the  Clinton foundation. Or got the US to donate 83 million to Haiti…….her husband spoke for 700,000. at a function, and she got a kickback of 3 million for the foundation.

The Foundation pays out the minimum of 5% to call it a foundation…..Should be non-profit, Chelsea gets $600,000. to run it.

Chelsea buys  a condo in NY for 10 million…….where’s that money come from being newly married. Chelsea’s Husband’s father spent time in jail for deals with Bill Clinton, back in the 90’s.

Susan Rice pleading the 5th, last year when investigated by the intelligence committee. Now she’s going to  ” tell all” with the new FBI probe???? Give me a break….who’s going to believe that??? You??

Every professor in college brain washing our kids, including you…

Most Hollywood actors beat up our country…..go make a movie in North Korea, Somalia, Iran……see how much they can get for a ticket. We pay 10-15 dollars a movie ticket to watch their sorry  butts, and they complain about living in the US.

Every  Red Neck, small town farmer, hard working soul voted for Trump, to get this country back on track…….if you don’t think that’s so, you’re part of the problem. Trump lost the popular vote in two (2) states…….Left wing Cal and NY……two Districts ……..really Bob.

Eisenhower deported 1.3 million  illegals who were Mexican….Obama deported hundreds of thousands as well, but over the course of the 50’s and 60’s millions were deported by Democrat and Republican Presidents. That equaled  about 8 million.

What made this country great is the American Soldier……..Blood and guts! Not the politician……nor the script writers.

I speak  at the schools every Memorial Day, Veterans day, (25 years)   teach kids how to fold the flag, display the flag, stand when it passes in a parade with your hand over your heart.  Take your hat off at ball games when the  National  Anthem is  played….. What do you do????

Do you remember Ellis Island???? Our grandparents……..came in legally like my Grandparents did!!

Don’t  keep crying about The USA…….is going to be fine…….Why do you think everybody wants in????     Cause we are the “BEST”…

You don’t like it Bob, there’s a plane leaving hourly…..pick one. I am one of many true Patriots who’s had enough of the BS..




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